Experiences in the Danube Bend

The Danube Bend is not only one of the most picturesque landscapes in Hungary, but also a real adventure park where nature lovers, culture and history enthusiasts can find the most exciting activities. This meandering stretch of river hides a unique geological and historical heritage, where every bend reveals something new to discover.

In this article we present 17 unique experiences to complete your visit to this unique region. Whether you're looking for active relaxation in the soft lap of nature or cultural immersion among historic monuments, the Danube Bend has something to surprise you in every season. Let's see what specialities await you on this magical stretch of the Danube, where nature and history intertwine to create an unforgettable experience.

Cycling tours

If you're a cycling enthusiast, there are really many routes to choose from. Perhaps one of the most beautiful routes is the section between Verőce and Zebegény, as is the route between Zebegény and Esztergom with a small Slovak detour. But the Szentendre-Leányfalu-
The Dunabogdány-Visegrád-Dömös-Esztergom route is also worth a visit.

Pilis Bike

Thanks to the Pilis Bike forest biking network, you can cycle 330 km of forest paths, with different variations of tours. This includes 9 "Park + Bike" (P+B) car parks, from which you can choose from 28 different difficulty levels. Asphalted forest roads, rocky climbs, soft
sloping forest paths, good air and plenty of natural and cultural attractions. Choose the one that suits you best from the 9 hubs and then choose from 28 routes. You will find a description of the routes on the website. Up to Canga! Pilis Park Forest, parkerdo.hu/tourism

Scroll on Szentendre Island!

A great weekend programme. You can take the Horányi ferry from Dunakeszi, 20 kilometres from the capital, to the island, which is a great place for a pleasant bike ride. The island also has a number of farms and riding stables, so you can try horse riding if you fancy. The most beautiful point of the island is the Szigetcsúcs at the northern end, where in summer bathers can enjoy the sandy, often reef-like beach and the wonderful view of the Visegrád Hills and the Börzsöny.

On the outskirts of Kisoroszi you can find Roman watchtowers. You can take the Vác ferry back to the other side of the Danube and, once in Vác, visit the sights and exhibitions of the Baroque town. From Vác, a cycle path along much of the river bank leads back to the capital.

Splashing experiences

The greatest attraction of the Danube Bend is the Danube. There are several places along its banks where you can enjoy the clear waters of the river in a pleasant environment. But remember: swimming in the river is not without danger, you have to follow the rules! In cooler weather, we recommend the warm-water baths. The banks of the Danube at Zebegény, Verőce, Pilismaróti or Dunabogdány, Sand Island or the island peak of Kisoroszi at the northern end of Szentendre Island offer a true holiday experience with a wonderful panorama.

Lake Bánki, also known as the "sea lake" of Nógrád, is suitable for summer bathing, fishing and boating. Palatinus-Tófürdő - between Esztergom and Dorog - is one of the cleanest lakes in Hungary, ideal for water sports and outdoor activities.

Váci Beach Bath and Swimming Pool

The baroque town has an indoor swimming pool and a beach for a relaxing swim. www.vac.hu

Leányfalui Thermal Bath

The spa is set in a beautiful green area and offers adventure and spa pools all year round. Night bathing every Friday and Saturday. www.leanyfurdo.hu

Göd Thermal Baths

The outdoor thermal pool is also open in winter. Night bathing.

Water trips for rowers

You can choose from a wide range of options if you want to paddle on the Danube and enjoy the thrill of water tours, while admiring the waterfront views of the Danube towns from the Danube. A two-day paddle on the scenic stretch of the Danube is a great way to spend some active relaxation: you can break up your paddle with a variety of sightseeing and swimming opportunities.

Day 1: Esztergom - Szentendrei Island peak,

Day 2: Szentendre - Rome Coast

Experiences in the Danube bend, excursions, leisure, Zebegény, Akvarell Apartment house with jacuzzi
Experiences in the Danube bend, excursions, leisure, Zebegény, Akvarell Apartment house with jacuzzi

Lepence Spa

The spa is located in the Thermal Hotel Visegrád**** wellness centre and offers 7 pools, which are open all year round, except for the Acapulco summer beach pool. lepencespa.hu

V-8 Wet Eight Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre

In 2017, it is the Locals' Favourite Spa, which also houses the first master fence in the country. In addition to a wide range of wellness facilities, you can also enjoy themed night wellness programmes. www.v-8.hu

Aquasziget Esztergom

Unique bathing experience - Outdoor beach - Indoor adventure bath - Wellness world - Healthy beauty centre - Special view of the Basilica and Esztergom Castle - Monthly thematic night bathing with music - Open: all year round, every day. www.aquasziget.hu, fb/aquaszigetesztergom

Did you know that the first public baths in Hungary were founded by the first wife of King Béla III, Queen Anne of Antioch, near the hot springs at the foot of St. Thomas' Hill in Esztergom, and the lake of Hévíz that fed from them? King Béla IV later donated the baths to the Order of the Crusaders, whose medicinal waters then supplied the needs of the hospital, the monastery and the surrounding area. The bathing culture survived into the Turkish era, when several spas were established in the town. By the 1930s, Esztergom was nationally ranked among the first-class spa towns, and began to be called the 'Baden' of Budapest. Today, the Aquasziget offers a splashing experience for young and old

Forest train ride

In the Danube bend you can try several forest railways - a good complement to your hiking or cycling tours - as there are also the forest railways of Königréti, Kemence and the trans-Börzsöny (Szob-Nagybörzsöny).

Királyréti Forest Railway

It runs along the valley of the Morgó stream from the Danube bank through Szokolya village to Királyrét, the starting point for the most beautiful hikes in the Börzsö region. Journey time: 30 minutes. It runs daily until 31 October, from 1 November until 31 March only at weekends. kiralyret.bloglap.hu

Kemence Forest Museum Railway

The train runs in the northern part of Börzsöny, between Kemence and Feketevölgy on weekends and public holidays. www.kisvasut.hu/kemence

Trans-Börzsö railway

The 22-km section between Szob and Nagybörzsöny is one of the most spectacular in Hungary: it winds along the banks of narrow streambeds, through dense forests, and overcomes steep gradients with a turnaround and a triple loop. The entire section can be covered with two stops (Márianosztrán and Nagyirtáspusztán). Tickets for the individual sections (Szob-Marianostra, Márianosztra-Nagyirtás, Nagyirtás-Nagybörzsöny) can be purchased separately. Until 4 November, it runs only on weekends, but also on Fridays during the summer. For the exact timetable, please check! borzsonyikisvasutak.hu

Equestrian experiences

From beginners to professional riders, there are countless opportunities for everyone to enjoy this form of exercise in the Danube Bend. In beautiful surroundings, with well-trained horses and instructors, you can learn the basics or take an adventurous cross-country ride. Visit one of the farms or riding stables, get on a horse and enjoy the bond between you and the horse - it's a fantastic experience!


There are several places to fish in the area if you like this kind of recreation. The stunning scenery is sure to make up for any fish you don't manage to catch. Trout lakes (Visegrad, Aptátkút Valley), www.visegradipisztrang.hu
- Jakabka-horgásztó (Sződ), jakabka-horgaszto-szod.hu - Lake Bánki (Bánk), www.bank-falu.hu - Királyrét fishing lake (Királyrét), www.kiralyretihorgaszto.hu - Miklós-deák Valley fish ponds (Pilismarót), parkerdo.hu

Where something is always happening...

Visegrád Mogyoróhegy Hiking Centre

Forest playground, wildlife park, more than 20 km of walking and hiking trails, nature trails, bobsleigh track, horse riding, archery, and much more... www.visitvisegrad.hu

Katalinpuszta Visitor Centre

Ecotourism facility, where you can get to know the people of Naszály Mountain and the region, go hiking, do sports with Dani and Mézi Antgya. www.ipolyerdo.hu

Diósjenő Forest Recreation Park

A hikers' base and knowledge centre at the foot of the Börzsöny, less than an hour's drive from the capital.

Seholsziget Experience Park

In the picturesque surroundings you can enjoy horse riding, horse-drawn carriage rides, handicrafts, archery, a playground for the little ones, a mini zoo, a petting zoo, a small train, the Peter Pan Play Island and the Forest Bird Trail. If you get hungry, you can sample traditional dishes. www.seszi.hu

Királyréti Lynx House - Forest School and Visitor Centre

At the Börzsöny Inhabitants exhibition, everything can be touched, assembled, read or tried out. On the trail from here, you can also learn about the history of the Börzsöny landscape, its forests and lakes. fb/kiralyretilatogatokopoint

Danube-Ipoly National Park

A large part of the area is protected as part of the Danube-Ipoly National Park. In many places, there are demonstration sites, visitor centres, forest schools and nature trails to help you discover the rich flora and fauna

Did you know that there are more than 700 protected and specially protected species in the national park? You can see spotted salamanders, pannonian lizards, shrews, peleas, lynxes, otters, saker falcons, eagles and bats in the cave passages.

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Don't miss the opportunity to discover the magical world of Zebegény and the Danube Bend.

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The Danube Bend is not only one of the most picturesque landscapes in Hungary, but also a real adventure park where nature lovers, culture and history enthusiasts can find

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