10 restaurants in the Danube Bend

After sightseeing, a pleasant excursion or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, it's time for a culinary treat: a delicious coffee or a glass of wine, lunch or dinner in a restaurant, and a special atmosphere to choose from. The Danube Bend offers plenty of opportunities for this - here are a few ideas for places to visit. Whether it's enjoying freshly prepared fish dishes at a cosy waterside restaurant or taking in the stunning panorama at a restaurant perched on a high plateau, while sampling local specialities, there are plenty of places to try.

And don't miss the traditional wineries in the area, where you can enjoy top-quality wines and gain an insight into the winemaking process. Such a gastronomic excursion can be the perfect end to an active day, where local flavours and natural beauty are both memorable.

10 restaurants in the Danube Bend

Restaurant in the Danube Bend - Hungarian specialities
Restaurant in the Danube Bend - Hungarian specialities

Gastronomic experiences in Nagybörzsö
In the cheese house, a few steps from the centre, you can taste and buy dill and garlic balls, smoked parenyica or red wine-aged gomolya delicacies. You should also visit the house that makes homemade smoked meats and the one opposite that sells jams and syrups. You can also buy oven-baked börzsönyi pies every day of the week - where you can buy them is clearly indicated.

Epermester Winery
The winery also produces quality dry and sweet wines using traditional winemaking methods from the high quality strawberries grown in and around Tahitótfalun. Try the 100% strawberry fruit wine specialities and strawberry brandies. Tahitótfalu, Kossuth Lajos street 49/B, www.epermester.hu

Remete Cellar Restaurant
This two-time Rosemary Award-winning restaurant is located in a prominent location, making it easily accessible. In summer, the flowered terrace offers a pleasant setting for dining, while in cooler weather, the cosy cellar room is a welcome spot. The restaurant offers a range of delicious dishes, from classic to innovative. The friendly and attentive service further enhances the dining experience. Tastefully decorated rooms and excellent food ensure that every guest leaves satisfied. Vác, Fürdő stairs street 3., etteremvac.hu

Renaissance Restaurant
Step into a taste of the Middle Ages, where a restaurant in a period setting brings to life the feasts of princes of yesteryear. The quality and style of the food accurately reflects the era when the great lords feasted in splendour. The service is also in keeping with medieval etiquette, with waiters and staff dressed in period costume to ensure the comfort of guests. The decorations faithfully recreate the interiors of medieval castles, enhancing the sense of time travel. The culinary delights in the restaurant, with its Renaissance ambience, are made all the more outstanding. All the while, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside, making your visit even more unforgettable. This is the perfect choice for those looking not only for delicious food, but also for a unique experience with a historical atmosphere. So not only lovers of flavours, but also lovers of the environment and history will find something to relax in. Visegrád, Fő út 11., renvisegrad.hu

Restaurant Ördögmalom
In the forest restaurant in the Apátkúti Valley, visitors can taste game and trout specialities. If you wish, you can catch your own trout for lunch from the nearby fish pond. This special experience will make your gastronomic adventure truly unique. Visegrád, Apátkúti Valley, www.visegradipisztrang.hu

Restaurant Mjam
The scenic restaurant won the title of the city's most homely restaurant in 2014, serving locally sourced ingredients with Caribbean, Asian and European flavours, complemented by handcrafted Hungarian wines and friendly, cheerful service - a great choice. Szentendre, Városház tér 2.

Golden Dragon Restaurant - Serbian cuisine. Szentendre, Alkotmány u. 1/a, www.aranysarkany.hu
Greek Jug - Greek cuisine. Szentendre, Dunakorzó 9., www.gorogkancsoetterem.hu
Hajósinas Bulgarian Restaurant - Bulgarian cuisine. Szentendre, Dézsma u. 2/b, hajosinas.hu
+1: Korona Restaurant - Hungarian cuisine. Szentendre, Fő tér 18-19, koronarestaurant.hu

Restaurant after scones, pastry shop, café in the Danube Bend

Dream Flame
In a small alley you'll find the tiny, retro-style place where you can eat fresh, crispy scones with a variety of toppings or, for example, cabbage stuffing. Open Mar. 15 March to 15 Nov, Monday to Sunday 11am to 6pm. Fő tér 8 (in the alley) You can also eat delicious lángos in Szentendre in winter at Fantázia Lángos. 5 Bercsényi utca., www.fantaziaetterem.hu

Dorothea Bistro Café
Located in a charming little street, this tastefully decorated little place offers a wide selection of coffee, excellent wines, brandies and cocktails, as well as home-style, mainly vegan and vegan, and soul food. In the sunshine, it's worth sitting out in the tiny front garden and enjoying the atmosphere and the taste of the food and drinks. Szentendre, Jankó János u. 4., fb/Dorothea.szentendre

Sweet tooth favourite places
Mihályi Patisserie: the spectacular creations of the famous pastry chef László Mihály, his unique cakes, macarons, bonbons, delicious handcrafted ice creams, seasonal sweets attract sweet tooths from all over the Danube bend and Budapest. If you like unique flavours,
don't miss Mihályi Patisserie, which won the Volkswagen Dining Guide's "Patisserie of the Year" award in 2018 and is also internationally renowned. Vác, Köztársaság út 21., mihalyipatisserie.com

Erika Confectionery / Erika Café
Taste the wonderful flavours of local products (milk, cottage cheese, nuts, honey, yoghurt). Kesztölc, Tavasz utca 7. (confectionery) - Szabadság Tér 14. (café)

FG Chocolate Manufactory
The ice creams of the famous Galli Confectionery are brought to life in Gábor and Rita's confectionery, while in the chocolate workshop, chocolates and bonbons are made according to traditional and classic flavours - almond, hazelnut, marzipan, orange and golden raisin. Nagymaros,
Magyar u. 18., www.fgmanufaktura.hu

Sweet Aliz's Confectionery Workshop
Cakes made from traditional recipes - Artisan ice creams, chocolates and bonbons - Homemade elderberry syrups. Nagymaros, 21 Dózsa György Street, tel.: 27/356-258

You're sure to find special coffees and teas here

Choco Cafe Váci Csokizó: Excellent place to relax, where you can find a variety of coffees, teas, hot chocolate, chocolate specialities, cookies, cool drinks and ice cream in summer (special play area for small children).) Vác, Március 15. tér 20., www.chococafe.hu
Adullám Café: The Adullám Cave, a medieval stone cellar, is a place of relaxation where you can taste freshly roasted coffee, special pastries and, as a novelty, roasted tea. 8, 15 March Square, Vác (Kalmars yard), adullam.hu
Folt Café: A favourite haunt of the art world in Szentendre, with ongoing exhibitions, lecture evenings, live music, coffee specialities and craft beers. Szentendre, Kucsera Ferenc u. 11, tel.: 70/671-9457

+ Another special summer place:
Duck Bistro: One of the attractions of the city is the Danube bank, where you can walk all the way down to the shore at low tide, resting on the small pebbles in the shade of the trees. In the summer season, at the Pest end of the promenade, there are deckchairs, music, live concerts, delicious beers or lemonade, fried delicacies at the Duck Stone - you won't want to miss it. Szentendre, Danube shore, www.kacsako.hu

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10 restaurants in the Danube Bend

After sightseeing, a pleasant excursion or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, it's time for a culinary treat: a delicious coffee or a glass of wine, lunch or

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