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Boat trip in Zebegény

Get on board, let's sail in the Danube Bend! Esztergom cruise and Visegrád cruise on Mahart PassNave cruise boats

As the weather starts to warm up and the first flowers emerge from the ground, we welcome the start of a new season in Zebegény. It is also a time when Zebegény's vibrant community life comes to the fore. As well as celebrating local culture and traditions, there are a number of art and music events to enhance the beauty of the landscape.

Zebegény is not just a stopover in the Danube Bend, but a place where visitors can stop to really get to know and appreciate the unique cultural and natural heritage of the area. The tiny, picturesque village lies in the Danube Bend and is not only known for its natural beauty, but also serves as an important port for Mahart PassNave Passenger Shipping Ltd.

Boat trip in Zebegény, cruises in the Danube Bend - Akvarell Apartmanház
Boat trip in Zebegény, cruises in the Danube Bend - Akvarell Apartmanház
Boat trip in Zebegény, cruises in the Danube Bend - Akvarell Apartmanház
Boat trip in Zebegény, cruises in the Danube Bend - Akvarell Apartmanház

This year the season starts again, from Zebegény you can join two tours: the Esztergom Grand Tour and the Visegrád Grand Tour. Both cruises offer stunning panoramic views and the opportunity to get to know the cultural and historical heritage of the Danube Bend. The itinerary has been designed to give you the opportunity to spend a few hours at your destination (Esztergom, Visegrád) before the boat returns to Zebegény.

These cruises are not just a way to travel, but also a way to travel back in time, where new historical secrets and natural wonders are revealed. During the Esztergom Grand Tour, visitors can see the basilica and medieval fortifications of Esztergom, while during the Visegrád Grand Tour, visitors can witness the glory days of Hungarian history as they walk among the ruins of the Citadel and the Royal Palace.

The information and guided tours offered during the cruise will contribute to a deeper understanding of the area, while the views from the deck will be an unforgettable experience for all. And the cafés, restaurants and craft shops near the ports further enrich the cruise experience, giving you the chance to taste as well as see the local culture.

Boat trip to Esztergom

From Esztergom roundabout ideal for those who want to discover the history of the region and enjoy its natural beauty at the same time. The impressive basilica and museums of Esztergom and the walking trails along the banks of the Danube promise to make your trip unforgettable. As well as showcasing Esztergom's rich historical and cultural heritage, the tour will also take in the scenic beauty of the Danube's meanders.

Esztergom, once the capital of Hungary, is home to the Christian Museum, which boasts the largest collection of ecclesiastical art in Central Europe. And the view from the Castle Hill behind the basilica offers an unrivalled panorama of this stretch of the Danube and the Slovakian banks opposite.

While wandering along the walking trails, visitors can relax in the Danube-side parks, where the proximity of nature and the soothing sound of the water offer a relaxing break. This tour is therefore the perfect choice for those who, in addition to historical discoveries, are also open to the beauty of nature and want to immerse themselves in the fascinating atmosphere of Esztergom for a day.

From Zebegény to Visegrád

If you prefer active relaxation, the Visegrád round trip may be the ideal choice for us. Visegrád's stunning castle and the wonderful hiking trails in the surrounding mountains are guaranteed to enchant us. And the panorama of the Danube bend will make every moment a memorable experience.

The Visegrád Circuit takes you to a paradise for hikers and adventurers, where physical and mental rejuvenation is guaranteed. Visegrád's famous Citadel, where history comes alive within its walls, is just the first stop on a journey to discover the natural beauty of the area.

The breathtaking view of the Danube bend, Szentendre Island and the distant mountains from the castle is unforgettable in itself. Continuing along mountain hiking trails, through deep forests and rocky lookout points, nature lovers can experience the unique flora and fauna of the area. These hikes are not only a physical challenge, but also an opportunity to get closer to nature while leaving the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and taking in the magical panorama of the Danube Bend.

Boat trip in Zebegény, cruises in the Danube Bend - Akvarell Apartmanház
Boat trip in Zebegény, cruises in the Danube Bend - Akvarell Apartmanház

After returning from the cruise, there's nothing better than relaxing in comfortable accommodation. Visit Watercolour Apartment House One of Zebegény's most popular accommodations, it is the perfect choice for us (as evidenced by its exclusive 5-star Google reviews). The cosy apartments offer comfort and homeliness to fully enjoy your stay. On arrival, you'll find ice-cold Czech beer and soft drinks in the fridge (complimentary), and you can watch the sunset from any room in the apartment house - or even from the private heated hot tub. Individual or couples massages are available in the apartment on request.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover the magical world of Zebegény and the Danube Bend.

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